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Our plumbing services

Hams Plumbing Solutions has plumbers you can depend on for the best  plumbing services. Whether it be a blocked drain or you need a geyser installed, Hams Plumbing Solutions is one of Cape Town’s leading plumbing company’s who pride themselves on their  emergency plumbing repairs and service for all of your plumbing needs.

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Leak repairs

Hams Plumbing Solutions specialize in repairing all kinds of leaks, leaking pipes,leaking geysers, burst pipes, leaking taps, leaking laundry, pipe repair, pipe lining and relining and leaking shower head. If you’re experiencing any of these leaks, call Hams Plumbing Solutions. Water leaks an lead to damp that causes mold and rust; so don’t wait for things to spiral out of control. 


New water pipes installation

Hams Plumbing Solutions  are professionals and experienced to handle all plumbing pipes needs in Cape Town. We can take care of anything from residential plumbing pipe installation to a full commercial installation of a new pipe system.

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Unblocking drain

Hams  Plumbing Solutions is your reliable local plumber of choice, if you have a blocked drain anywhere in Cape Town . Whether your toilet plumbing is stopped up or you need your sink drain cleared, Hams Plumbing Solutions are available 24 hours for all emergency drain and sewer clearing jobs. Our team of expert local plumbers are trained in the latest techniques for clearing pipes of all kinds including kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks as well as blocked showers and toilet plumbing. Our mobile toolkits have modern, specialist equipment, such as drain rods, high pressure jetters and  to clear and repair even the most stubborn and badly clogged pipes

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Geyser Services

Hams Plumbing Solutions specialise in geyser repair, geyser replacement and geyser installations. 

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Washing machine and dish washer installations

Hams Plumbing Solutions. we’re proud to have a team of professionals who are highly experienced in the installation of washing machines and dish washers throughout Cape Town and Western Cape. At Hams Plumbing Solutions Solutions we are committed to providing our Cape Town residents with affordable, reliable and quality service, ensuring your washing machine is fitted safely and correctly according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Drain Laying

Hams Plumbing Solutions provide the best drain services possible in Cape Town and surrounding is what we live for. We specialise in drain laying, There is no compromise at Hams Plumbing Solutions because only the best will suffice. 

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